Quantum Mechanics What You Know About It?

One of the most amazing facts in physics is this: everything in the universe, from light to electrons to atoms, behaves like both a particle and a wave at the same time. All of the other weird stuff you might have heard about quantum physics, Schrodinger’s Cat, God playing dice, spooky action at a distance, […]

The Explanation The Higgs Field

Without a doubt, the most exciting scientific observation of 2012 was the discovery of a new particle at the CERN laboratory that could be the Higgs boson, a particle named after physicist Peter Higgs. The Higgs Field is thought to give mass to fundamental, subatomic particles like the quarks and leptons that make up ordinary […]

Gun Griffon Blaze – Playstation 2’s Pride

Having plenty of small fry around to blast helps complete the illusion of being 50 ft. tall The PlayStation’s second incarnation brings with it a number of new games, many of which fall into contentious and categorical pairs: Tekken Tag Tournament has its DOA 2 Hardcore, SSX squares off nicely with ESPN X-Games Snowboarding and […]

Porting SimCity Buildit to Mobile Platform a Success

When Electronic Arts announced it was porting its much beloved RTS, SimCity Buildit, to mobile platforms, US fans were hopeful. With EA’s blessing, the game has finally hit American homes. Its first English incarnation, SimCity Buildit, tells the tale of two childhood friends, Justin and Sue, who set out on a journey to track down […]